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Benefits of Chatbot. Why chatbot is important

ChatBot: Why Chatbots are important for your business?

All you need to about Chatbot. What is Chatbot? Why chatbots are important for your business, how can you increase the sales by Chatbot Find out how you can get Chatbot for your website? What is Chatbot? A potential customer land on your website. They browse the entire website, check the services you have provided …

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Service-Oriented Architecture VS Microservices

Before we understand SOA or Microservices, we should take a look at the conventional style of development until a decade ago, Monolithic Applications. Since Waterfall methodology of SDLC has been in practice for several decades, it resulted in Monolithic application development as entire design and development was done in one shot. Monolithic Applications had several …

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Business Intelligence with Pentaho | QuickScale

Business intelligence is a practice available at QuickScale where we manage the cost and give scalable and advanced solution for organizations who are interested in adopting versatile and open architecture based solution. Here is the excerpt from the Gartner’s report (Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms) that openly votes for Pentaho platform in the arena …

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