Digital Marketing Tricks to Boost your Startup

Digital Marketing Tricks to boost your business

Wondering how to kick start your startup. Discover the latest strategy of digital marketing to boost the leads and increase the sales like never before

Digital Marketing Tricks to boost your business

After all the planning and hard work, your startup is ready to be launched. The next task is to let the world know about your business. It is where the strategy of digital marketing comes into the picture. Having the right digital marketing strategy will not only benefit your sales but also will let you know the insight about the business.

Building your online presence with digital marketing needs proper planning and strategies.

Do You know?
Planning a proper digital marketing strategy can thrive in your business.

Tricks Of Digital Marketing to Boost your Startup

Digital marketing tricks for startup

Use Google Analytics to Analyze the audience

Identifying the target audience is the first and most important step in planning the strategy for digital marketing.

Your audience depends on the kind of business you do and the people who will be interested in buying your product or service.

Google Analytics is an amazing tool to analyze your audience. It allows you to analyze the kind of traffic that you are getting on the website.

How Google Analytics will benefit your business?

You can find out the location, age, the gender of the traffic you are getting on your website.
You can find out the source of traffic and filter the relevant audience.

Target your relevant audience using Social media marketing

Social media marketing is an excellent platform to target the masses. It is not only low cost and widely used but also easy to maintain your business.

However, there are various social media channels and it is common to get lost among so many options.

To make your business profitable through social media, it is important to use the right channels. It is not necessary to use all the existing social media channels for the business.

If you end up using multiple channels without analyzing, you will not only waste your time and money but also potential sales.

To analyze which channels will be profitable for the business, you need to understand your target audience.

Let’s look into the lists of the social channels and which social channels will suit your business

Facebook needs no introduction. It is a widely used social media platform with more than 2 billion users.
You can use Facebook for any kind of business or service. The reason behind Facebook being so popular is because it craters the users of different age groups. You can find people from the age of 16 to the age of 60 from any part of the world. It gives the flexibility to the startup owners to target any kind of audience. You can promote any niche of business on Facebook or can run an ad targeting country, niche, audience, etc.


Twitter is the best platform to promote the B2B business. Though sometimes, it also helps B2C business. Running an ad on twitter is expensive but it gives you the flexibility to run a different kind of ads


It is the best platform to promote startup niches like health, fitness, apparel, modeling, cooking, photography, and fashion. Use Instagram if you are targetting youngsters age below 40.


Linkedin is another platform that will benefit the B2B business. It’s a platform where all the professionals come together to share their idea, promote their business, and connect to other professionals from many parts of the world.

Strategies for social media marketing to increase sales in your Startup

  • Choose the right social media channels for your startup
  • Make an attractive profile and page on the social media channels.
  • Choose the right audience to target
  • Make connection with people or group related to your niche
  • Engage the groups with relevant information, post, and videos
  • Retarget the audience who has shown interest in your website, or page

Use Email Marketing to create Brand Awareness

Email Marketing Tricks and tips

Email Marketing gives amazing results. Email marketing delivers the highest ROI. As per the study, in an effective email marketing, for every $10 investment, you will get a $400 return. If you are missing out on email marketing, surely you are missing a lot of potential customers.

Strategies for Email marketing to increase sales in your Startup

  • Make a website or landing page rich in content that customers subscribe to your emails.
  • Offer educational information like pdf or free courses so that customer subscribe your subscription form
  • Increase your email open rate by using catchy and engaging titles
  • Never sell your product. Be a smart salesperson and offer them the benefit.
  • Break the content into paragraphs and make it interesting by sharing useful content.
  • Do not spam your subscribers.

Advertise your startup on Google Adwords

If you have a new start-up, getting potential customers immediately is not possible. It takes time to build traffic online. Until your startup makes presence online organically, you can invest in Google Adwords to get instant sales. You can easily reach your target audience and get high ROI.

Strategies for Google Adwords to increase sales in your Startup

The Google Adwords is vast can often confuse people and you may lose a lot of money if not planned properly.

  • Choose the right keyword
  • Make sure that the landing page is of high quality with appealing UI.
  • Always add a call to action on the landing page.
  • Use pixels to re-target the audience.
  • Plan your budget and bid cap smartly

You can easily exhaust the budget if the ad campaign is poorly designed. It is advisable to seek professional and experienced help to get maximum return.

Use SEO to rank your website on Google.

SEO is a free channel to get organic traffic. It definitely requires patience, time, and strategies to rank your website.

QuickScaleTech has years of experience in Digital Marketing. As per our suggestion, every new startup should work on SEO along with other marketing methods. SEO is cost-effective and gives a long-lasting result. With SEO, your website trust and authority can be increased

Strategies for SEO to increase sales in your Startup

Make a list of keywords and check the competitor for the primary keyword.
Create blogs and make use of keywords smartly.
Link your website pages with each other.
Work on getting backlinks from relevant sites

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a trending marketing method that is used by many startups. You can hire a popular influencer or less popular influencer to promote your brand. The influencer advertises your products on their social media platforms which gives huge exposure to your startup.


It is advisable to understand the target audience and demographic. There are various marketing methods are available. Choose the method based on your niche of the business, audience, etc.

QuickScaleTech has been offering Digital Marketing services for over more than 5 years. We offer Digital Marketing services like SEO, Google Adwords, content marketing, Social Media Marketing. Should you need an expert opinion, you can Contact QuickscalTech Digital Marketing Service Company Team

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