Does your Small Business need Mobile App or a website?

Does your business need mobile app

A comprehensive guide to Find out does small business needs a mobile app or a website. How can you get access to free apps and how to maintain an app for your business

Does your business need mobile app

Small business owners are often confused if their business needs a mobile app. The world is moving into digital space. So should your business.

For the layman, the transition of their business into the digital domain sounds intrusive. However, complicated it may sound, but overall the process is simple. Most importantly, it is a need of the hour.

Website v.s Mobile App? Which one should you choose for small businesses?

When moving the business into the digital domain, mostly,  the business owners are confused about whether they should launch their business using the website or mobile app.

There is no hard and fast rule. It depends upon the types of business, Business requirements, goals, location, and target audience.

If the objective of your business requires providing rich content then designing a mobile-friendly website will be good to go. However, if the aim of your business requires constant user interaction and communication with clients, design an app that is available on both android play store and apple store is best to go.

If we go by numbers, Numbers do speak in favor of mobile apps. Mobile App offers better personalization and has a higher conversion rate.  As per the report from Sensor Tower, app installation and consumer spending on mobile apps have significantly increased during the first half of 2020.

Benefits of mobile app for business

Mobile Apps allows you to have interaction with your customer efficiently

In business, the Customer is King. To increase the sales in your business, you need to provide a platform to engage and value your customer.

Mobile Apps value Customer time

Accessing a mobile app is just one touch away. In web browsing, customers will have to navigate to the web browser, type the URL, and wait for the website to load.

If your competitors have a mobile app the customer will mostly prefer using the app over the website.
The mobile app offers better promotions and great support.

You can offer lucrative offers and promote them on the app. A mobile user will come across the offer through the notification and will use the app to check them.

For example, you have a vegetable delivery app. You are offering a combo of a few vegetables at a discounted rate. Running a promotion on the app will benefit your business.

Mobile Apps helps in gaining customer trust

If your business has a mobile app, it creates an impression and builds trust in the customers.

Mobile apps enhance brand value

In today’s competitive world, you will have to stand out from your peers. If you have a mobile app with a good user interface and features, it will increase the brand value. Additionally, you can engage with your client in real-time.

What is the cost of making a mobile app

Various factors needs to be considered hence it is not simple to answer the cost of mobile app. There are factors like developer cost, type of app (like mobile game, business, social networking, etc )complexity, the time it takes to build an app impact the cost of making a mobile application.

The other factors also include whether you want the app to be designed for both android and iPhone, the features, and infrastructure.

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