Make sure you are not making these mistakes in Email Marketing

Email marketing when done correctly can bring a lot of potential leads. Make sure that you avoid these 5 mistakes in Email Marketing and practice the 5 email marketing practices to increase the conversion. Find out the Do’s and Dont of Email Marketing

Email Marketing or email advertising is a broader term used in the digital marketing solution. Email marketing occurs when an organization sends a commercial message to a group of people by using electronic email. Email marketing is an efficient way to stay connected with your clients while also promoting your business.

Most businesses do online email marketing. In fact, more than 294 billion emails are sent daily, means each morning you wake up and check your in-box you will most likely see a lot of emails. If you are going to start the campaign of email marketing, it’s important that when your business sends an email to your clients, you stand out from the other hundreds of emails that your reader will inevitably receive the same day you send yours.

With email marketing online , you can easily and quickly target your audience without the need for large quantities of print space, television or radio time or high production costs.

Successful and clear email marketing tactics are spread across the web. But with the availability of email marketing softwares, mistakes are regularly made and these mistakes create wrong promotion. So, as an email marketer, which mistakes should you avoid to not end up being the same pain in your customer’s inbox and ensure higher response rates for your direct email marketing campaign?

Out of all the marketing campaign, Email marketing still leads with maximum number of conversion rate. If you are not running an email marketing campaign, you are surely losing lots of potential traffic.

Top five killer mistakes that you must avoid for successful email marketing campaigns!

Overhyped Subject Line And Irrelevant Content:

It should come as no surprise that email subject lines impact open rate. In fact, 45% of email recipients open email based on their catchy subject line alone. We all receive tons of mails on a daily basis and many of them remain unopened. The subject lines have to be strong if they are going to jump out at you from the in-box.

Sending Emails Too Frequently:

Sending a number of email newsletters can lead to spam complaints. On the other hand, sending too frequently mails can make you lose your value in the eyes of clients, resulting in wasted marketing spend, higher number of unsubscribe requests and lower conversion rates. In email marketing, figure out your sweet spot by looking at what you’ve previously done and working from there. Set up different frequencies and measure the results to see what works best for your audience.

Send Image Based Emails Rather Than Boring Content

There are various ways online marketers can bore their audience, from lackluster subject lines and verbiage-laden text-only messages to emails that only talk about the company and provide nothing of value. For a better success rate, provide an enticing offer and an catchy subject line to encourage the target audience. Design colorful and well-branded graphics to appeal to recipients’ love of visual content.

No Segmentation and Value Provided

Today, online marketers have countless list segmentation options, but unfortunely they often choose poor segment option when it comes to filtering their email list. Since all emails you send in the database of client’s, should offer something of value. It’s all about sending the appropriate email based on where they are in the customer lifecycle. Also it is very important to check your mails two or three times to see that they are linking to the correct offer/page.

Email Is Not From A Real Person

There is no good reason to be using a no-reply email address like No-reply@ or DoNotReply@ sender. It puts you at a higher risk for spam complaints and it makes the recipient feel like they aren’t important enough. If you send an email from one of those email addresses, don’t be surprised if your open rate is low. Make sure when you send out that next email it is from an address that those who receive it can respond to if they’d like.

So What’s Next:

Now that you are aware of the mistakes that need to be avoided in your email campaign, Let’s check five tips that should be something you can implement in your next email campaign along with the email marketing check-list tips. Email marketing is still the most preferred communication channel for customers and an effective marketing strategy that will always out-perform all online marketing channels.

If you are going to start your online Email marketing campaign, then it is very important to focus on the best strategies. To stand out of the crowd, you should follow these Email marketing practices:

5 Best Practices of Email Marketing to get maximum conversion

Optimize Emails for Mobile For a successful email campaign

Mobile users have increased drastically. In fact, over 53% of emails are regularly opened on mobile devices. Today’s shoppers move seamlessly over the mobile devices, computers, smart phones and tablets. So optimize your emails for the mobile devices and increase your open rate, click-through rate, and minimize unsubscribes.

Choose templates that will be automatically optimized for both mobile devices and desktop. This means it will look great and same on an iPhone as it does in Outlook or Gmail or the hundreds of other devices your client is using.

Use Eye-catching Subject Line when drafting your email

The opening rate of the email highly depends on the subject line. Make sure you do not use forbidden words to avoid the email going into spam.

Few Tips when writing subject line for a email campaign

  • Do not try to sell your product in the subject line.
  • Make it personalized by using the name of the receiver.
  • Do not use forbidden words like free, sale, unlimited etc in the subject line.

Let’s understand it with an example:

Suppose you want to remind Jack about the webinar that he missed. You want to send him an email with the summary of the webinar and at the same time, remind him about the next webinar. Below are the two sample of subject line:

We missed you at the XYZ webinar. Check out the summary of the webinar

Jack, we thought you will come

There are high chances that Jack will open the email with second subject line as it addresses directly him and the subject line will make him curious.

Personalize Your Message in your email campaign

There is growing proof that personalizing content increases engagement, and e-newsletters are a prime vehicle for creating personalized messages for your readers. No one wants to feel like anonymous, so personalize your message as much as possible. Go beyond just “Dear” people love to see their own name. So, make sure that you are collecting at least first names when you have people sign up for your e-newsletter.

Connect Your E-newsletter To Your Blog And Social Media

If your brand is emphasizing and your consumers share via social networks, you’re reaching just the tip of the iceberg. Write your content once and promote everywhere by linking social media, blogs, and E-newsletter. The most efficient way to do this is to create a blog post and have the full content live there. Then, send out an email blast with the beginning of the blog post and a key graphic included. Then, promote your blog post through social media using a similar technique. Make sure your new viewers are encouraged to join your e-newsletter list with easy-to-find signup forms.

Use Relevant Data For Your E-newsletter

One of the biggest challenges with e-newsletters is the sheer volume of email we all receive. If there is nothing special about your email, it will be quickly deleted, or worse—permanently unsubscribed. Assess your current data to make sure you’re sending targeted communications, not “batch and blast” messages.

Track Your Results And Make Analytics:

Track the engagement rates that your e-mails have been able to generate. Use the metrics to understand what your readers are clicking with the most, what more would they be most interested in reading and where and why the unsubscriptions are happening. The more engaged your audience remains, the longer you can retain them and the higher your chances of monetizing them.

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What are some email marketing mistakes I have missed in the list? Please share in the comments below.

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