Viral Marketing: How to make your campaign go viral on Social Media Platforms

How to make campaign go viral on social media platforms

Know the tricks and hacks to go viral on social media platforms. Explore the blog to find out ways for the campaign to go viral with different case studies

In olden days, when a story needs to be spread among the locality, the gossip mongers were called to make the story viral.

In today’s era, the gossip mongers are commonly known as “Social Media channels”.

Billions of users from all over the world are registered with Social media platforms. Any campaign if going viral on social media platforms will have massive reach and your campaign will get engagement from users all over the world.

Social media has changed the way people communicate. It also provide companies and brand to promote their business and also let them engage their audience,

However, posting anything will not go viral. Behind every viral campaign, there is a lot of planning and execution of an idea.

Before we check the steps to consider while creating a viral campaign, let’s see an example of how social media can bring publicity for the brand

Power of Social Media

There was a recent meme ” Rasode mai kaun tha” . Yashrak Mukhate created a funny video of one of the old scenes of an old popular star plus serial. The video soon went viral and was trending on Twitter for a couple of days.

What happens next is, Yashraj gains massive popularity and followers but the real beneficiary had been the makers of the same serial who launched their season 2 shortly after the video was launched.
Star plus serial saath nibhana sathiya got free publicity and had massive views of their season 2 telecast

Viral Campaign: 8 Ways for the campaign to go Viral on social media

Know your audience

It is important to know the kind of audience you are targeting. The design of campaign depends on the age, location, preference and interest of the target audience. Hence first thing when designing a viral campaign on social media is to identify the audience.

Your brand or product should target the right audience to get the reach.

Choose the mode of content wisely

Content is the king. However, it is equally important to present the content through a proper medium. The mode of the medium can be through image, infographics, or a video. Though, video or infographics are the most preferred medium. A campaign run through video has a higher chance of reach provided that the content is rich.

However, unlike decade back, the viral message is not restricted to video. Hence create content like memes, short video, long video, new stories.

You can create a funny video or memes

Or Create Memes

Choose the Right Platform

There are various social media channels. Choosing the right social media platform is the key. Out of all the available platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the best performing platform. Again which platform to choose out of these, will highly depend on the type of audience you are targeting. If your target audiences are youngsters and teenagers then Instagram will be the best platform to highlight your brand. If you are launching a new product and want to announce the launch.

Promote your product and highlight its feature

With so much of competition around, users are interested to know what unique feature your product or brand have that nobody else has.

When your design a viral campaign, make sure that you highlight what makes you unique. However highlight the features smartly. Rather then selling your product directly, educate them about your product and its features and how it can solve there problems

One of the best Examples is Blendtec’s Will it Blend?

Blendtec sells commercial and residential blenders, grinders, and jars. Their campaign will it blend? is one of the successful campaigns of social media.

To promote their product, they created a video where they pick random objects like mobiles, phones, small sculptures in a jar and blend them.

What can you learn from this campaign?

Find a way to showcase the feature that none of your competitors have done. Think something out of box and highlight the strength of your product.

Timing is the key

Timing is the key. Launch your campaign at the time when it is in demand. Best way to make a campaign go viral is posting and sharing it at right time. E.g. If your company deals with the electronic items then posting about room heater during summer will be of no use. Hence time the campaign correctly.

Create content with a social message

The emotional and social messages always touch our hearts and stay in our memory for a long time. While designing a campaign, always think if your brand can provide solutions for any problems that society is facing.

Few years back there was a campaign called as Make-a- wish Batkid Begins was a amall documentary film where a young boy was suffering from Leukemia. His only wish was to become a real Batman.

The campaign was so succesfull that thousand of people came in to support Batkid.

What can you learn from this campaign

Find a cause that could relate your brand. Nothing works better than promoting your brand with a social message.

Trendjacking /ViralJacking/Newsjacking

TrendJacking is a technique in which you engage yourself in existing viral trends, memes, news, or campaigns, . The basic idea is to use the current viral memes and apply them to promote your brand. Since the viral campaign is already hit, it must have reached millions of users. It may not make you go viral but it will allow you to participate in a much wider audience. The same technique when done on certain news is called Newsjacking

To understand Newsjacking let’s take a case study of Burger King’s “Big Mac-ish” Menu.

McDonald’s lost its Big Mac trademark in a legal case with an Irish fast-food chain called SuperMac. Burger King used this opportunity and launched its European menu with“Big Mac-ish” sandwiches, as seen below. It also offered grilled Big Mac that it claimed was far better than the McDonald’s menu item.

Use Hashtag#

Hashtags work efficiently to make your campaign go viral on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Use Proper Hashtag so that users can engage in your campaign using the hashtags.

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