How to Maximize Conversion Through Online Leads

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Want to increase your organizations’ profitability from your website? Generating traffic is only half the battle. You spend several months focusing on doubling traffic to your website, but if you don’t have effective calls-to-action, attractive offers, and convincing lead nurturing campaigns, you won’t have a way to turn that traffic into leads and ultimately profits. Nowadays, businesses are using websites as a source of new clients. And in this way, the lead generation plays an important role. The lead management process has four stages:

1) Lead Generation

2) Lead Nurturing

3) Lead Scoring

4) Sales Accepted Leads

For generating the leads various types of online techniques are used such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Network Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Outbound telemarketing, PPC (Pay Per Click), Newsletters, Contact forms, Video Casts, Whitepapers, Website Offers and many more. It is true that only a fraction of leads are converted into sales. So how do you ensure that the leads coming to you convert to maximum sales?

To nurture a lead, you should need to know the ways through which it comes to you.

Improve positioning of your Call-To-Action

Call-To-Action can drastically increase your website traffic and leads conversion. Use this button in your website and on your landing pages to guide users towards your goal conversion. It is the part of the landing pages where user needs to click in order to take the action you want them to take. It is a versatile, and multi-purpose tools which should be utilized throughout most of your marketing communications. Make it stand out, don’t clutter it and place them where they will be most effective.

Be More Clear About What You’re Offering

Be crystal and specific about what you are offering in your Call-To-Action. For example, if you’re hosting a free workshop, say “Register for our FREE workshop on X.” X should clearly convey a compelling benefit of receiving the offer.

Use Images Rather Than Only Text so it Stands Out

The next step is to use image rather than only text. Images stand out among the clients rather than text. Apart from this, using an image allows you to show off your offer in the best possible manner where an image can’t.

Make Contact Page Simple And Reachable

With the contact page, do give an email id or phone number option where the clients can reach out directly and in a short time. Long and short contact forms depends in the product but direct contact details help the clients to get in touch instantly. Such calls have a higher percentage of conversion.

Make Option of Live Chat

Live chats help the visitors to clear his/her doubts immediately. Most of the time leads might walk away if the answers to their questions are not found on the website, otherwise it will lead to a sales close.

Use a Section of Testimonial and Reviews

According to a survey 90% of buyers are influenced by client’s testimonials and reviews. Does your website support such a section?

Is Website User-Friendly?

Your website should be easily navigable and the customer should be able to get the information he/she is seeking. It should also communicate your company’s brand personality for the lead to connect more and convert to a sale.

All these points will surely impact your lead conversions. Check analytics, it will help you keep an eye on your conversion rates. You should make required small changes to your website to ensure that analytic reports are being supported by changes to help customers feel more in touch with your products and company.

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