Best Performance Testing Tools that will trend in 2021

Performance Testing tool

Performance testing is necessary for the smooth functioning of any application. Know the different types of performance tests and how performance testing is done. Check out the list of top Performance testing tools that are trending and how you can get a performance testing service for your application

Top Performance Testing tools

Performance Testing service is mandatory for any application to run smoothly. A developer when develop an application is always far from perfection. The application should undergo performance testing tools to identify any loopholes in the application. Performance Testing tools are type of testing tools that analyze how the application will perform under load.

Why any application needs Performance Testing?

Why Performance testing tools are important

An application will always be far from ideal and will work a bit differently in a practical environment. To have a smooth production, it is important to check the smooth functioning of the app through performance testing services.
Performance Testing identifies the loopholes and bottleneck in the system. Moreover, Performance Testing KPI is indicative that helps any organization to analyze its current performance.

Do You Know?

Performance Testing can identify the location and the nature of the problem by indicating the area where the application will lag or fail.

Types of performance testing

There are different types of performance testing done to understand the functionality of an application. An application needs to undergo all the types of performance testing to ensure the stability of the application
You do not want the application to crash at the highest workload. A user needs to know about the maximum tolerance that the application can handle to avoid crashing.

QuickScale offers all the performance testing services.

Load Testing

Load Testing is done to identify the performance of an application under the normal condition. It measures the application response time and identifies any bottleneck or any problem in the functionality of the application.

Stress Testing

Stress Testing is done to identify the threshold of the load point at which the application will crash.

Spike Testing:

The workload is never the same, so will be the workload on the application. Hence it is important to measure the performance of the application when the workload rapidly changes.

Endurance Testing

Endurance Testing is to check how efficiently the application will be able to endure the expected workload. In endurance testing, the application is subjected to the expected workload for a period of time. The parameters are monitored to check how well the application can function

Scalability Testing

Scalability Testing is donate to identify how efficiently the software can perform if there is a gradual increase in the workload.

Volume Testing

Volume Testing is used to check the data processing capability and its efficiency.

How the Performance Testing Is Done?

How the Performance Testing is Done

Check out these Amazing performance Testing tools for Performance test Service

Apache J meter

Apache J meter is an open-source Performance Testing tool that can be used for mobile as well as for web service applications. It is a performance testing tool that can analyze and measure the performance of servers as well as software.

Jmeter is based on the Java platform and supports all Java-based applications. It allows you to design a test plan and integrate the test plan along with the load test plan.

Salient Features of Apache J meter

  • Jmeter supports HTTPS,HTTP ,XML,Java- based prootocols, SOAP, FTP and many other protocols.
  • Easy to use for load testing as it does not require advanced infrastructure.
  • Jmeter comes with a user-friendly interface in real-time.

Load Ninja

LoadNinja is developed by SmartBear. It is a time-saving tool that reduces testing time by 50%. It allows to create of scriptless load tests and replaces load emulators with a real browser and get browser-based metrics. It identifies performance problems and debugs

Salient Features of Load Ninja

  • allow scriptless load testing
  • Supports VU Debugger test in real-time
  • Supports VU inspector to manage virtual user activity
  • Hosted on the cloud
  • Supports protocol like HTTP, HTTPS, SAP GUI Web, Java Based Protocol, Oracle, WebSocket


LoadView allows you to create multi-step scripts. It allows you to show the actual performance the application that is under testing. It supports protocols like Flash, Silverlight, Java, PHP, Ruby, HTML5 and internet application. It identifies bottleneck and ensure stability.

Sailent Features of LoadView

  • Supports protocols like Flash, Silverlight, Java, PHP, Ruby, HTML5
  • Compatible on mobile browsers and devices
  • Identifies bottleneck and ensure stability.
  • Support internet application

Load Runner

Load Runner is developed by Micro Focus and is used to perform load testing. It can analyze thousands of load tests.

Salient Features of LoadRunner

  • Developed by Micro Focus.
  • Support protocols like
  • Efficient Tool Utilization tracking
  • LoadRunner identifies the root cause of the problem in the application


NedLoad is developed by Neotys and can perform a Load test as well as a stress test for application. It has the capacity to simulate millions of users.

Sailent Features of NeoLoad

  • It supports protocols like HTTP,HTTPS,SOAP,REST,Flex Push,Ajay Push
  • It has an Automated test design to deliver a faster test.
  • It consists of Shared test scripts and reports

How To Get Performance Testing of your System?

Performance Testing Metric KPI

QuickScale has worked with various clients and helped them to identify the loopholes in their network and provides a solution for an efficient running system. Our Performance Testing Service team is expertise in various tools and gives you the current report of the system.

QuickScale offers performance testing KPI that helps organization to rectify the existing loopholes. Performance Metric KPI includes Throughput, Memory, Response Time, Bandwidth, CPU interrupts per second.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How does Performance Testing prevent IT issues and outages?

Performance Testing helps in analyzing the existing loopholes and bottleneck in the system. The timely performance test also helps in maintaining the speed, stability of the system.

When is the best time to start performance Testing?

The best time to start performance testing is to wait until the development of the application ends. The performance test is done using a performance testing service and if the criteria are met, the application can then go for production.

What are the open-source performance tools available?

Some of the open-source performance tools available are Jmeter, Gatling, Locust, Tsung, Taurus etc

What is End to End Performance testing?

End to end Performance Testing is a way to check whether the application works as expected from the start till the end.

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