Pinterest Marketing Strategy: How to use Pinterest Marketing in your business to generate leads.

Pinterest marketing Strategy

An ultimate Pinterest marketing guide for your business. In this guide, you will know Pinterest marketing strategy for your business., and how to use Pinterest Marketing in business

Pinterest marketing strategy

The most common mistake that businesses mostly do when designing their marketing strategy is not including Pinterest in their social media campaign.
Pinterest is similar yet different from the rest of existing social media channels. It allows you to connect with friends and influencers It is a visual search engine. One can browse the pictures and videos for hours on Pinterest. Many times people make purchases from Pinterest. The users if liked your board may pin your board for future reference or share it with their friends

Pinterest is a social media platform that lets users share, explore, and store visual content

In this blog, we will cover the following topics:

  • How to use Pinterest for business
  • How effective is Pinterest for business
  • Effective Strategies in Pinterest Marketing

5 Reason why Pinterest is important for your business

250 million people on Pinterest

There is a huge number of people on Pinterest. It will be not advisable to miss this channel and lose potential traffic.

Get inbound links through Pinterest

When you create a board and put images on each board. You can include a link with each pin that you create. Anyone dropping on your board can bring traffic to your website through links.

Know your audience through Pinterest

You can check the users on Pinterest and find out what interests them. With some research on Pinterest, you will understand your audience

Find The Latest trends on Pinterest

You can check what is trending in the market and market your offers and products.

High user engagement on Pinterest

Pinterest never disappoints you when it comes to user engagement. People like to share the pin that they like the most.

How to use Pinterest for your business to generate leads in 2021

There are two terminologies that you will often come across on Pinterest:

  • Board
  • Pin

A user creates a board and names them. You can create multiple boards in your profile.

E.g. if you have a business of garments. You can create multiple boards with different categories like formal, ethnic, casual, etc.

Pins are like bookmarks that users can save when they find something interesting on Pinterest.

You can create Pins for your business as well. You can also view boards of other users and can browse their pins

Let’s take the above example to understand it better.

You have a beautiful traditional dress that will go well at any festival. Add a photo of the dress to the pin, describe the material in a note and you are good to go. You can also add different ways one can style using that dress or any helpful tips that people will want to know. Don’t forget to add your website to the link.

There are two types of account on Pinterest:

  • Personal Account
  • Business Account

If you own a business then having a business account will be beneficial. In the business account, you will have an access to Pinterest Analytics as well as you can run ads on Pinterest using business.

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Create Your Brand on Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing platform for brand awareness. Use your company name and logo to let people know about your business. Add a website and give a description of your business. You can also add a link to any of your blogs on the description.

Make sure that the board have keywords in the title

When you create the board, add the relevant keywords in the title. Pinterest has massive reach. Help the user to reach your board by targeting proper keywords in board titles. Additionally, choose an appropriate category so that Pinteset can recommend your board to the right audience

Create high quality images

The first impression is the last impression. The image of your pin is the first thing that a user will observe on your board. Make sure that the image is of high quality.
Another thing that has been observed is Pinterest image should be long and narrow to give a proper vertical view of the image

Give a proper description to your board and Pins

After the Image, the next immediate thing that the user will check is the description. Make the description short and crisp. Add relevant keywords in your description.

Remember, people can tweet directly from Pinterest so keep the description concise

Add Hashtags

Needless to say, hashtags are a great way to reach target space. Add up to 20 hashtags. Each hashtag should describe keywords or the description of the pin.

Build Relevant link back to your website

Pinterest allows you to insert the link in the pin that you create. You can put links at two places on each pin: one at the source of the pin and another in the description. If you have not added the link that you can edit the pin and insert the links

Let the world know about your boards and pin

Another great way to let people know about your pins is through sharing the board on other social media platforms. However, make sure that you share it where it is relevant.

Embed Pins on your blog

Use Pinterest Business Account

It’s important to know what kind of traffic is coming on your board and pins. Hence having a Pinterest account will give you the access to Pinterest Analytics tool to get an overview of the traffic.

Create Pins to educate rather than sale

People love to know tips and tricks. Create Pins that gives them tips and some knowledge in your niche. You can always add a link to further explain how that tip will work

Collaborate with other boards

Reach more groups and people by collaborating with other boards and show case your work.

Join the Community Board

Pinterest allows you to join boards that have the same interest as yours. Search for Pinners in your industry and check if they any group boards. Some group boards have a set of rules that need to be followed so refer to their board guidelines before joining the board.

Follow the boards of others and like and comment on others pin to gain followers

Want Pinterest Marketing for your website?

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