Reddit Marketing Guide: How to use Reddit Marketing for your business

Reddit Marketing: How to promote business on Reddit

Want to use Reddit for your business? Reddit is a popular tool that can drive potential traffic to your website. Do it the right way, and you can have massive traffic on your website and increase the chance of a conversion. Learn the basic of Reddit marketing and find out how you can promote your business on Reddit

Reddit Marketing: How to promote business on Reddit

Reddit is a popular social media channel. It is considered to be the front page of the internet. It is said that if the post appears on the front page of the Reddit or on top of a popular subreddit than there is a high probability of your post to get viral everywhere on the internet. Reddit ranks 26th globally on Alexa and 11th in the United States.

If you are planning to generate leads through social media platforms but haven’t worked on Reddit- Think Again! You might be losing potential customers. Only if- You do the Reddit marketing effectively.

Do You Know?

Reddit has an average of 11 million daily active users. That’s a huge number of active users to promote quality content.

Before we start about Reddit, four basic terminologies of Reddit that you should be aware of

Just like how Facebook has various groups in a different category. Similarly, in Reddit, there are subreddits in different categories.

After successfully signing into an account, you will have access to all the subcategories. You will find various memes, facts on different categories like business, health, invention, technology. on the subreddit. You can join any category that interests you.

Upvotes and Downvotes
When you post a comment or a new post on subreddit, The other users on Reddit called Redditors, have an option to upvote or downvote your post. The Redditors go through the post, if they like it they will upvote it and will engage in the comment and if they didn’t like the post or found irrelevant, they will downvote.


Just like how your rank describes your exam score, similarly, on Reddit, we have karma.

Karma indicates your score on Reddit.
As and when you start making your presence on Reddit by commenting and posting relevant links, the number of Karma will increase. Improve your Karma to create respect and trust from the fellow redittors.

You can Gain Karma through two ways

  • Comments your make on a post
  • Links that you post on subreddit
  • Upvotes on your post

Reddit Gold

Reddit Gold is a kind of award that is given when a redditor provides valuable contribution.

Fun Facts About Reddit That makes it ideal for Business

Reddit has more than 430 million monthly users

Reddit has more than 430 million monthly users and there are 20 million active users in Reddit. And the number keeps increasing every year. It’s been a while since Reddit has made its presence but its popularity outshines other social media platforms.

A user spend an average of 16 minutes on Reddit for each visit

Reddit has massive user access. A Redditor spends an average of 16 minutes on Reddit where 150 million pages are viewed on Reddit everyday.

54% users on Reddit are from US

If the target audience of your business is United States, then Reddit is a best platform to work on for increasing the traffic and conversion on your website.

Reddit has more than 1.2 million Subreddit

1. 2 million is quite a huge number. Reddit has subreddit on different categories and that explain why it is important to locate the subreddit that matches your niche

Why Reddit Marketing is a must for business

How you can use Reddit marketing for your business

Once you have an account created, Join the subreddit in your niche.
On the front page of the Reddit, you will find a conversation from the standard by default subreddit.

The first thing that you need to do is to find the subreddit that matches your niche. Once you have the subreddit, observe and analyze the kind of content and queries floating in each subreddit.
It will give you a fair idea about what people are talking about, the kind of problems that they are facing.

When your analyze the subreddit in your niche, You will be able to discover:

  • Your customer complains and difficulties
  • Market demand for the product
  • New technology and trends in your industry
  • Latest news and event that can help your business to stay updated

QuickScale was once working with an App Developer Company. The company wanted some new ideas to develop an app. On one subreddit, one user complained about how convenient it will be if all the local shopkeepers are available on a single app and can be managed on one single platform. Finally, both coordinated and came up with the planned app

Thus, it is important to choose the subreddit wisely. Once you have shortlisted the subreddit, start posting a comment and relevant post. Participate genuinely in subreddit before you start marketing your product. This will give build trust and increase karma.

If you drop links or comment in an irrelevant subreddit, your submission will get downvoted and there are chances that you might be blocked from that subreddit

Reddit Marketing: How to Promote your Business on Reddit?

  • Shortlist best subreddit that matches your business
  • Invest your time by going through each shortlisted subreddits and know what people are talking about.
  • Actively participate in the discussion
  • Some of the popular subreddits will not let you join unless you have the required number of karma. Hence emphasize on building Karma
  • Reddit is the best platform to know what problems the users are facing.
  • Make sure that you post interesting and quality content without any grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Never spam on any of the subreddit

Remember Reddit Tip:

Higher the number of Karma, more you are trusted and more number of upvotes you will get

Do’s And Dont’s: Points To Consider in Reddit Marketing

  • Choose your username wisely as you cannot make changes later
  • If you have already build a link and have got some karma, you cannot transfer it to another account.
  • Always post the complete link instead of using URL shorteners on Reddit
  • Do not overdo the self-promotion else it will have a bad effect on your karma
  • Share the link only in the relevant discussion and subreddit

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