Service Oriented Architecture VS Microservices

Dec 04 2019

Before we understand SOA or Microservices, we should take a look at the conventional style of development until a decade ago, Monolithic Applications. Since Waterfall methodology of SDLC has been in practice for several decades, it resulted in Monolithic application development as entire design and development was done in one shot. Monolithic Applications had several

How to Maximize Conversion Through Online Leads

Nov 20 2019
Nancy Chaudhary

Want to increase your organizations’ profitability from your website? Generating traffic is only half the battle. You spend several months focusing on doubling traffic to your website, but if you don’t have effective calls-to-action, attractive offers, and convincing lead nurturing campaigns, you won’t have a way to turn that traffic into leads and ultimately profits.

5 Rules of Professional Social Media Optimization Services

Aug 08 2019
Jaya Dixit

Craze of social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. has brought a revolution in Search Engine Optimization industry as well. Social media optimization (SMO) is the best practice by which you make your content easily shareable across your targeted users and is all new way to word of mouth advertising. Nowadays, it

5 Effective Email Marketing Practices to Double Your Response Rate

Jul 06 2019
Jaya Dixit

Email marketing may not be new in the terms of digital marketing, but it is still an effective way to engage with customers and target audience. So how can you create a successful and effective email marketing campaign? Despite years of hype claiming that email advertising is dead, it remains a highly valuable resource for

11 Tips for Facebook Marketing | QuickScale

Jul 01 2019
Jaya Dixit

The rising era of digital age make social media presence a lasting trend. And in the world of social media, Facebook is the number one social media platform, which most people use. It is the network where you can advertise and engage with your audience. This social network is used by businesses as a marketing tool, but to be

5 Ways to Generate Leads by Using Social Media

Feb 15 2019
Nancy Chaudhary

Have you ever considered social media as a mean of generating leads? If you are already using social media for your business, either to get more engagement among the users, awareness of your brand, more traffic to your website, why not also make an extra efforts for generating the leads. According to HubSpot’s annual marketing

7 Tips For Best Ecommerce Website Development

Feb 15 2019
Nancy Chaudhary

Due to the demonetization, the number of new web shops has raised sky high in India. According to the few Internet project, more than 70% of the online users purchased something over the internet. We live in a world of highly advanced technology where every business/ organization is going on-line, which generate an evolution in

8 Great Tips & Tricks For Social Media Optimization | QuickScale

Feb 14 2019
Jaya Dixit

Would you like to improve social media marketing? Are you updated with latest social media tips and tricks to engage your audience? These days, more and more consumers are using various social media platforms, and it has become increasingly important to incorporate social media into your website and marketing plan. It is becoming an ever-growing

Business Intelligence with Pentaho | QuickScale

Nov 15 2018

Business intelligence is a practice available at QuickScale where we manage the cost and give scalable and advanced solution for organizations who are interested in adopting versatile and open architecture based solution. Here is the excerpt from the Gartner’s report (Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms) that openly votes for Pentaho platform in the arena

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