5 Ways to Generate Leads by Using Social Media

Feb 15 2019
Nancy Chaudhary

Have you ever considered social media as a mean of generating leads? If you are already using social media for your business, either to get more engagement among the users, awareness of your brand, more traffic to your website, why not also make an extra efforts for generating the leads. According to HubSpot’s annual marketing report, “social media is producing almost double marketing leads by using email marketing, PPC, telemarketing, trade shows etc.”

If you are going to start lead generation campaign, use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, StumbleUpon etc are excellent places to begin. But generating leads from social media takes a little bit of effort. One thing should be keep remember, the bigger and better your marketing with social media, the better chances that you will generate the leads. So if you’re building a new strategy for generating the leads, you need to reset your current strategy. Here are five tips to help you generate quality leads with social media:

1. Create Quality Content:

Your social media profiles are as powerful as when you create and share quality content. Regularly writing the posts and sharing is the main key of success. As per the survey report of VibrantWorx, “Social media visit-to-leads are five to eight times higher than general visit-to-leads rate.” so you have a great opportunity if you are sharing your own content.

2. Twitter Chats:

Twitter chats are the latest scheduled discussion hosted by Twitter. Each chat contains a hash tag so that other Twitter users can follow the conversation even though topics change with each discussion. How do you start? You can join twitter chats in two ways: Join existing twitter chats related to your brand or find the industry and subject-specific chats that relate to your brand or business in the extensive library of existing Twitter chats.

When participant in a twitter chat, it is important to be a good participant. This will help you to attract the leads for your business.

3. LinkedIn Groups:

Linkedin groups can be made up of variety of subjects, bringing together professionals of similar interests. Again, you can find the leads by either creating your own LinkedIn Group or by joining an existing group that focuses on your area of expertise.

4. Facebook Advertising

Posting ads on the facebook can fulfill many desires, one of which is generating the leads from the right audience. Posting ads and promoting ads is an engaging form of the Facebook advertising. Highlighting content in the news feed of audience is the best way to promote your brand.

To help you capitalize the click through of a facebook user, use a signup form that goes on your website or Facebook tab only after the user fills out any required information that you define. It could be an email address, demographic data or geographic location information.

Adding a contact form will be another advantage. This is easy and can generate the leads in the greater way. Simply get one of contact form apps and install it in your page.

5. Hold Google Hangout

With Google+’s Hangout feature, you can easily set up a webinar that can help to generate more traffic, but also more quality leads. Google+ has ability to communicate directly with your audience in real time. For generating the leads, use strong calls to action throughout the hangout on air, try to encourage the participant and viewers to interact with your brand. After that record your hangout interaction with client and post it on youtube. You can use this video in your blog post, share it across social media.

To further drive leads for your brand, add links to the products and services discussed on the hangout in the description of the YouTube video for easy reference.

Are you marketing with social media strategy? Tell us how it works for you in the comments below.

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